Dane Shawson (played by Shane Dawson) was a character featured in the Smosh episode, "Bigfoot is Gay". The video starts out with Anthony Padilla sitting on a couch watching the news and he sees a story about Bigfoot and the government is offering 5,000 dollars to anyone who can capture Bigfoot alive. He calls in Ian and they go to find Bigfoot. When they arrive they see a man named Dane Shawson, who apparently beats Ian at everything (biggest Bubble, nicest hair and first person to jump over a steam roller) and it determined to beat him at this.

Dane is seen as selfish, greedy and wants to beat Ian at everything. He staged the video on the news so he could gain the money and even decided to dress up Ian and Anthony like Bigfoot's children so he could recieve more money. He is Gay Like Shane