Grandma Dawson is Mrs.Dawson/Shane's mom's mother. She has appeared in two different forms:

1. Very early in the show she was played by Shane's real life grandmother. This character was meaner to Shane, and had a disbelief in his chance with women rivaling that of Aunt Hilda and Mrs. Dawson. Since Shane's grandma has since passed, it is highly unlikely this character will appear again. She was also Jay Z's 100 problem

Shane's Real Grandmother

In May of 2010, Shane's grandmother passed away, he made two videos of her on her death bed, right before her death, this may be the last public media of her.

2. This version only appeared in the episode: Avatar Ponytail sex??. She is much nicer than the other grandma, and even makes Shane some secret ingredient tea. Mrs. Dawson reveals that her tea is "a piss". A similar character appeared in Sexy truth or dare in Shananay's dare, where she was told that her husband was cheating on her. She then proceeeded to shoot her husband.

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