Unoffical Poster for the short film.

About How Shananay Stole Christmas!Edit

How Shananay Stole Christmas is a 2011 Christmas themed short film written and directed by Shane Dawson. It came out December 17th, 2011. It is Shane's second short film, after Friends 4Ever. The story is about a woman named Shananay (Shane Dawson) who decides to ruin Christmas for everyone.

Plot Edit

The short film starts out by introducing Brenda, (also in Friends 4Ever). She is a pizza delivery girl. She took her little sister Katie along for her shift, and they get to their last stop. They talk in the car, and it is revealed that Brenda can't afford to get Katie presents, so to her, Santa is not coming this year. Brenda walks up to the last stop's house, and Shananay and her friend open the door. Brenda gives them the pizza and Shananay makes fun of her, and tells her to get a real job. A couple hours later, Shananay watches How the Grinch Stole Christmas on TV. She realizes what a horrible christmas she's having, and decides to do exactly what the Grinch did... steal Christmas. Shananay kills Santa, and steals his suit. She goes around to different houses, and steals everyone's presents, performing a muscial number as doing so. She gets to her last house... Brenda's house. She doesn't realize it is Brenda's, and Katie greets her. Shananay and Katie talk, and they realize they have a lot in common. It is revealed that Brenda and Katie's dad is in jail, and Shananay finds out who Brenda is. Shananay starts to feel bad about stealing, and leaves the house. The next morning is Christmas, and Katie wakes Brenda up, and they go downstairs. To their amazement hundreds of presents are in the living room. Shananay had taken all the presents she'd stolen and given it to them. Shananay then reveals the big present... Brenda and Katie's dad. Shananay doesn' tell them, but she had broken him out of his prison. The killed the guard. Everyone is happy in the end.


The short film was released on December 17th, 2011. It currenty has 2.8 million views and if it had come out in theatres, would have a current box office gross of around 23,000,000 dollars. It currently holds an 7.0 on IMDB and almost all likes on YouTube.