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220px-Shane Dawson by Gage Skidmore
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Shane - The main character in the series. He is neutral and normal, unlike the other characters in the series. He has long hair, and seems innocent.

Shananay - A ghetto chick addicted to sex and drugs. She is seen wearing a blue jacket, with a cloth hat, and blonde and orange hair. She is Shane's most famed character, appearing in almost every episode, and appears much more often than any of the other charatcers. She is currently dating Shane, but Shane was going to marry her, though S-Deezy and Ned stopped him in an incompleted series.

. Ned the Nerd - A sex-hungry nerd who likes to hang out with Shane. He wears thick glasses, but also has long hair, like Shane. He talks in a nerdy voice.
Aunt Hilda.
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Shane's Mom.
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S-Deezy - A gangster from Los Angeles also addicted to sex and drugs. He wears a beanie with the acronym "L.A." printed on it. He is usually seen wearing a gold neckland with a dollar sign on it. He also has a dog with is also supposedly a gangster, wearing the same sort of things S-Deezy wears, making him a "gangsta doggy."

Aunt Hilda - Shane's aunt who likes to drink and get high. She is currently teaching English and sex ed at Shane's high school, but has had many jobs in the past, including working at the Pizza Shack. She has purple-ish curly hair.

Shane's Mom/Mrs. Dawson - Shane's mother. She has red hair usually with curlers in it. Her husband left when Shane was born, so Shane's mom raised him on her own. She likes to drink, party, and is usually portrayed as hating her son, calling him a gay faggot, faggoty ann, etc. and wishing he was dead.

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Barb the Lesbian - A character named Barbara who is a lesbian. She has long brown hair, likes to ride motorcycles, and has fake fingernails. She also has many piercings, including a vaginal piercing. She isn't in too many episodes.


Paris Hilton: Shane's version of Paris is portayed as egotistical, calling everyone who isn't her fat. She has a whisper-y kind of voice and a puppy named Tinkerbell (Miley).

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Amy- A character seen in, most recently, the short film Friends 4Ever. She goes to Shane's high school, and also has a lot of Shane's classes. She has long blonde hair, who used to be going out with the school bully, but was dumped because he thought she was fat. She is showed to be sensitive about her weight, and is not liked by many people, by constantly getting picked on by school bullies and is refered to by Shane as "the biggest bitch in school."
Fruit Lupe.
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Fruit Lupe- A latino woman with purple hair. She has a very heavy accent and works at a resteraunt which Shane once went to. Fruit Lupe revealed that Shane and her had a kid together named Gabby. It is later revealed that Gabby is not Shane's daughter and that her actual father is a serial killer rapist.

Emo Shane dawson by lyoko4lyfe2101
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Switch - Switch first appeared in the Emo Breakup series and was later featured as the main character in the music video parody of Lady Gaga's Judas, Douchebag. Now he is the main character in Shane Dawson's original song, and music video, SuperLuv.

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Gabby- The only character not played by Shane, but by his cousin, Lucy. She is 12 years old and was revealed to be the daughter of Fruit Lupe and Shane, but that was later found out to be false.

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