Milly is a talking perverted eight years old doll featured on S-Deezy's part of "Shane Dawson and Friends". She appeared as a guest to promote her own channels (HeyitsMilly and Millysvlog).

In the episode, S-Deezy doesn't plan on having a guest to join him because the news had done a report on him and his past guest stars. But, one of his crewmen says that there was a fan that really wanted to meet him. Turns out that the guest is Milly and Milly begins to talk about ICarly which causes S-Deezy to cum and shoot Milly.

She refers to Elmo as the BRD (Big Red Dildo). She appears to see Elmo as her enemy and will attack anyone who refers to Elmo by his real name instead of calling him the BRD.