Mama dawson

Mrs. Dawson

Mrs. Dawson (also refered to as "Shane's Mom") is a character on ShaneDawsonTV. She is the mother of main character, Shane Dawson and his brother. She is most famous for making fun of Shane and his brother and accusing him of being gay like most characters played by Shane. She has appeared in multiple videos and is shown to have never been supportive of Shane, often saying she hates him. She's portrayed as a lazy and cruel alcoholic. She's also been shown to have wanted to be a Porn Star before having Shane and it's the main reason why she resents him and regrets having him.

Spoiler Alert! In "Who's The Killer Interactive Game" It is revealed that she and Aunt Hilda killed all his friends (Shanaynay, S-Deezy, etc.) because they wanted to take over Shane's Youtube channel by killing him but Shane took out two guns hidden by his hair and shoots them both then Shane walks over to Mrs. Dawson and says " No one f**k's with my subscribers." before shooting her again.

Shane has stated before though that his actual mom is not like the character at all. He also stated that Mrs. Dawson's accent is based on Cher's.