About the CharacterEdit

Ned the Nerd is a reocurring character in Shane's videos. He is usually portrayed as nerdy, weird, and somewhat feminine. He is possibly best known for his appearance in Shane's interactive video "Sexy Truth or Dare," where he was dared to perform the opening sequence of the popular 90s show "Sister, Sister." Despite his claim that he didn't know how to, he performed it perfectly.


Ned is possibly best known for his appearance in Shane's video, "Sexy Truth or Dare," but he has appeared in other videos. Particularly in "Does Size Matter," where he and S-Deezy, upon discovering Shane and Shanaynay's engagement, kidnapped and held Shane captive. Shane has yet to make a sequel. In "Sexy Truth or Dare," it is revealed he has a small penis. But in another video, Shane sees Ned's penis and remarks at how large it is, "like a baby's arm." Ned has a strange and disturbing attraction to his sister, making comments such as "she's hot" and "she's got big tits." He also views pornography, shown in "Does Size Matter," saying at one point "I could do that." Though he is portrayed as a nerd, he doesn't say nerdish things very often. In fact, he seems to be similar to Shane in intelligence, unlike Shanaynay and S-Deezy. He reveals in "Sexy Truth or Dare" that he indeed has a girlfriend, and shows his friends a picture of her. Though she isn't very attractive, Shanaynay tries to be polite and says "she kinda looks like Gwen Stefani, you know? I mean, if you close one eye and squint really hard with the other so you can't see shit." Ned's girlfriend never actually makes an appearance in Shane's videos. Ned was also the main character in Shane's video spoof of Lady GaGa's music video for "Telephone," where he and a group of other guys have a party and ignore their girlfriends' constant calling. He also appears in another one of Shane's Lady GaGa music video called "Bad Bromance", where he is constantly annoyed by one of his guy friends because he spends way too much time with him and scares off Ned's dates. Ned always seems to have a nerdy type of personality, but Shane is sometimes jealous of him for getting very hot girlfriends, but sometimes turns out to be transexuals. Ned seems to get his penis stuck in the VCR, DVD player, and his zipper. Shane has made a new "Shane & Friends" episode on his ShaneDawsonTV channel, it is called " IS JUSTIN BIEBER DEAD?!" involving all the characters except S-Deezy. In "Ned's Nerd World", Ned demonstrates a new 'app' he found called 'Grinder' but he didnt know that the app was a serch for sexual pleasure from different people in the neighborhood he lived in. He dressed up as a "Mexican Wrestler" for the Halloween special.