Paris hilton

Paris with her dog, Tinkerbell.

Paris Hilton is one of Shane Dawson's alter egos. She is often see with her dog Tinkerbell (Shane's dog Miley).

Paris wears sunglasses, a pink tshirt, a pink cheetah print dressing gown and a tiara.

She has appeared in Shane's videos along with his other main characters, and also has a spot on Shane and Friends, called 'Ask Paris'. She answers questions submitted by viewers based on her life experiences and knowledge. Even though she tries to be charitable, she often backfires horribly and terribly insults the people. She seems to dislike the Kardashians, notably Kim, as she wished her to be raped and murdered on her birthday, which worked, described a picture of her as fat whore, and zapped her with a pikachu Pokemon and laughed.

Sdandf paris

Paris in the 'Shane and Friends' intro.

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