SDTV is Shane Dawson's show. He called it that when he started making videos.


1. INTRODUCTION- The first episode, Shane introduces himself and sang a part of Hey There Delilah.

2. BLACK FRIEND IS WHITE?- Shane makes his black friend white for a day.

3. JENNY CRAIG- Shane goes to his job at Jenny Craig and pole dances with his workers.

4. HODINI'S STREET MAGIC- Hodini does some street magic and steals people's stuff.

5. KERMIT THE FROG AND ME- Shane talks to Kermit the Frog and he sings "Your So Gay."

6. PHONE SEX- Jim talks on the phone with Bunny.

7. YO MAMMA BATTLE 2008- Shane plays a gangster and tells yo mamma jokes.

8. HODINI AND DANA COP-A-FEEL- Hodini is back with her friend Dana Cop-a-Feel.

9. PICKUP LINES- Shane makes up some Pickup Lines.

Shane's newest short film is called Friends 4 Ever.