About the Character

he is most commonly known as S-Deezy or simply Deezy he is one of Shane Dawson's alter egos who is interpereted as a sex addict that cannot be around/think about an attractive woman without cumming. This eventually leads him to kill her.

Shane and FriendsEdit

He has a spot on Shane and Friends called 'S-Deezy's G-spot' where he mainly gives advice about Sex and Masturbation. Almost every segment of 'S-Deezy's G-spot', S-Deezy is known for killing almost every one of his guests, except for one episode (Nuns Gone Wild). Unlike some of Shane's old videos featuring him, he doesn't have a mustache; unless he got a clean shave. 

Other InformationEdit

In the episode where it is revealed that Shane and Shananay are engaged, we learned that S-Deezy and Shananay were previously together. Based on their personalities, it's pretty fitting, but what's interesting is that Deezy seems to genuinely like her, loosing his composure when Shane tells him to get over her. It seems like Shanaynay is the only girl that he doesn't call "bitch" and who he truly has feelings for. He is a very close friend of both Ned and Shane and sometimes can get overprotective of Shane, like in the video "Does Size Matter" he and Ned tie up and gag Shane in order to keep him from marrying Shanaynay. He has very weird ways of expressing friendship, like in "Nicki Minaj the Unicorn" he says he got chocolate for Ned but calls in a guy named "Chocolate" who says to Ned "Hope you like nuts" which causes Ned to faint, but Chocolate was just making sure Ned wasn't allergic to nuts as the box of chocolates he was about to give him said "May contain nuts" S Deezy and Chocolate then awkwardly share chocolate and dance around. He has very improper manners as revealed in "Hunger Games Spoof" when he was on a movie date, he was eating his popcorn impolitely. He plays a part in the major production of the Good Feeling Spoof called Live Like Ur Dying where he convinces Ms. Dawson to spend the last day of her life doing all the stuff she has never done before, since she can't get arrested if she's going to die, but this backfires afterward. In his early appearances, he is seen sporting a mustache and goatee but loses them later. It's revealed in Sexy Cupid Killed!!? his full name is Stanley Deezy. Also, when S-Deezy ejaculates, he shouts a pokemon name, such as "Jumpluff," and "Wigglytuff".


  • Does Size Matter??
  • Who's The Killer?!
  • Nicki Minaj The Unicorn
  • Kesha "Blah Blah Blah" Spoof!!
  • A Lady Gaga Halloween!!!
  • Make Ur *Ugly* Friend *Hot*!!!!?
  • How to get a hot chick!
  • Bieber is "A$$ Tempting"
  • Sexy Cupid Killed!!?
  • Nuns Gone Wild!!!
  • Livin Like Youre Dying (Flo rida Spoof)

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