Mama dawson

Shane's Mom


Shane's mom in his videos is an alcoholic, trying to be black woman. She is also shown to hate her son. Often calling him gay and emo (even though he isn't). She also appears to be nasty,trashy,rude,horny and very lazy. Despite all this, she still loves her son very much.

Shane's mom is usually potrayed as an elderly woman who has red hair and wears red lipstick. She wears a red bath robe everyday.

She has a sister named Hilda ( aka Aunt Hilda) who is 5 years older to her. She married and gave birth to a son name Shane. Much is unknown about who and where Shane's father is but his father is revealed to be addicted to porn.  Shane's mom admits she killed him and even wrote a book about it titled "How I killed my husband and other stories from Walmart bathroom" and even makes a movie about the book. Unlike Shane's real Dad who has left the family.