Shane Dawson TV ChannelEdit

           Shane Dawson's Official Channel, called ShaneDawsonTV was created March 10, 2008. It currently has about 400,000,000 Subscribers and 900,000,000 Video views. The current channel is using the new Youtube One Channel Format. Currently, ShaneDawsonTV has a Youtube Partnership, and his videos has Youtube Video Advertisments connected to them. As of June 7th, 2013, ShaneDawsonTV has 240 Videos

Shane Dawson TV 2 ChannelEdit

      The Shane Dawson TV 2 is Dawson's Second Channel for his Comedical Videos. It has about 2,000,000 subscribers, and 216 videos. It also has about 400,000,000 video views.

All as of June 7th, 2013