welcome to a place worser than hell kiddo,!!!!                        Yo internet! it's me!!!! ya miss me!! hehe....      so yeah once i was like in the school toilets with this eight year old girl and she was like"yeah come on do it!fist me right up in the vagina!"and i was lik ok but i don't really know whatta ama getting myself intos here's!(also apparently i turned into jar jar binks)anywayz,yah,she's like "come on come on!! fucking do it!" and so ynow i just literally just shoved my whole entire fist up her vagina and it,,,, jus fucking tared open and they be like loads of blood spurting out of it there be semenil fluids floating out of it there be shit coming out of it (i mean how that even happend i don't know but whatever)and ya know i even think i saw an ovary fly out at one point but yeah as i was saying this was a skool so yeh it's kinda against the law to fist fuck eight year old girls or eight year old boys(or really eight year old anythings...)and sos thar was a suddin siren noize and i be like"excuse me please?" and my eight year old girl was like "BLUH, I CAN HEAR THE SIRENS COMING!"and so baisically the plops arrivsd and so,theyou know so yeah that happend then the left wall of the toilets had been broken down and their be this huge mogeko jusqw standin,their...and he's like "MOGEGE! MY CAT COCK IS SO HARD!!!!" "IM GONNA FUCK THE PROSSCUITTO OUT OF YOUR ASSES!!!!" and so yeah baisically he shoved his mogek cock into our tiny mogek asses and we were pretty much ripped apart from the inside so yeah that happend that all happend i fucking swear,so,lord.                this pleases renoops

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